New website of Kalymnos Hoteliers’ Association

Dear friends,

The new website of the Kalymnos Hoteliers’ Association is a fact. It signals the association’s effort to get on the internet in the best possible way.

The purpose of our website is to provide useful information to the visitor and to help hoteliers and tourism professionals in general, to promote their product.

Our beautiful island, Kalymnos, acquires a fresh and lively presence. The beauties of our island and its thematic variety, unfold on the pages of our new website. Find the hotel that best suits your needs, and learn anything you need about Kalymnos. is the new online home of the Kalymnos Hoteliers’ Association, but above all is a dynamic presence that will be constantly enriched with new material and features.

It is made for proper reading on mobile devices and tablets and is available in Greek and English.

We invite you not only to visit the pages, but to actively participate in the social networking channels that accompany this project.

We’ll be more than happy to see you soon!!!