Easter in Kalymnos, is an unforgettable experience

Kalymnos, with its authentic and traditional character, puts anyone who visits it in the mood of Easter. The island prepares for the peak of Holy Sunday several days before.

Starting with buying the lamb and the whitening of houses, we arrive at the Holy Week. On Holy Friday, the epitaphs of all the parishes in the town of Pothia, are accompanied by many people. At 12 a.m. on Holy Saturday during the First Resurrection, the harbor is literally shaken by the dropping fireworks, under the sounds of the church bells.

On Holy Sunday, families are gathered and eat the known as Mouri. Mouri is the food of Easter and it’s a well cooked lamb in a stone oven with other spices. Later in the afternoon most people gather to the central square and the harbor. From there, you can enjoy the dynamic battle of the two teams that have been separated in the tops of the opposite mountains. Hundreds of fireworks fall from both sides, creating a true spectacle as the day ends.

It is an event that you must definitely experience.