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Archaeological Museum of Kalymnos

The Archaeological Museum is located in the center of the island’s capital Pothia, at the district of Agia Triadha. It started its operation in 2009 and since then hosts the “Lady of Kalymnos”, a unique bronze sculpture from the Hellenistic period. The sculpture depicts a woman draped in chiton and tasseled himation. It emerged unexpectedly from the Kalymnian sea in 1995, as it was caught into the nets of a local fisherman.

There are also antiquities from the Prehistoric and Post-Byzantine era. It is an unbelievable treasure that will help the visitor realize, that Kalymnos has its own historical weight and value over millennia. Simply put, is a must see attraction.


Naval Museum of Kalymnos

The Naval Museum of Kalymnos was founded in 1994 and is located in the coastal zone of Pothia, next to the Town Hall, in the building of the old Vouvalio Technical School. The various exhibits of the museum depict the naval tradition of the island, the history, the method of sponge gathering, as well as many objects from wrecks of old ships. In the four halls there are exhibited items related to the profession of sponge and a large number of exhibits on sponge gathering and processing.