Religious tourism in Kalymnos is a long-standing alternative reason for visiting. Visitors from all over Greece and globe come to the island to enhance their faith by visiting churches and monasteries, speaking with nuns and monks to learn about the history of each monastery, and realizing the necessity of preserving these sites.

When you visit Kalymnos, you will view the island’s emblem, the monastery of Agios Savvas, from the port at the top of the left mountain, which will amaze you at first sight. You will sense the peacefulness of the monastery and stare out from the most picturesque spot. Worship the sacred relics and explore them to learn more about them.

All of Kalymnos’ temples and monasteries will help you strengthen your faith.

The chapel of Prophet Elias, located at the highest peak of Kalymnos, is located in the center of the island. It is accessible only by hiking, and you can be sure that this one-of-a-kind memorable view. If you travel to the northwestern portion of the island, to the village of Kantouni, you may see the chapel of Agios Fotis, which is surrounded by mountains and overlooks the infinite blue sea. Another little monastery that blends well with hiking is the chapel of Panagia Galatiani, located between the towns of Emporio and Arginonta and made of mountain stones, water, and lime.

In a completely different location in the eastern part of the island, north of the village of Vathi in the mountains at high altitude, you will find the monastery of Panagia Kyrapsili, an abandoned monastery where the icon of the Virgin Mary is kept in the village and returned to the monastery on August 15th, the traditional festival. Finally, the Agios Panteleimon Cave Monastery is encircled by a tiny, delimited woodland. You will notice the mix of mountain and sea at this point, as well as the perfume of thyme.