You may visit the island and depart with a once-in-a-lifetime fishing boat adventure.

If you want to "transport" to the past and feel the history of the place, you should definitely visit the Archaeological Museum of Kalymnos, which has great works such as the sculpture of "Lady of Kalymnos," which was caught in the nets of a local fisherman in 1995.

Follow the way from Arginonta on an easy 7-kilometer trip, smell the exquisite scents of herbs and thyme, meet goats and lambs, and enjoy this amazing color, the deep blue of the sea and the blue of the sky, until you arrive at the village of Vathi.

The diving location is mostly sea caverns, one of several on the island, with abundant marine life and unknown treasure that hasn't been impacted by the vast number of visitors.

Kalymnos' gastronomic wealth provides visitors with traditional and intense flavors on their plates.

Now, Kalymnos has over 80 climbing fields and 2500 climbing routes and is growing as a second-world destination, combining climbing-friendly mountains, breathtaking views of the limitless blue, and the fragrances of its aromatic plants.