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About Kalymnos

A fascinating alternative destination

Welcome to Kalymnos, the world-famous sponge island with a strong sponge industry that exports to Greece and abroad. It has recently become a world destination for internationally renowned climbers due to its imposing mountains. Nonetheless, Kalymnos is regarded as an internationally recognized destination for unforgettable alternative vacations for a variety of reasons. Its magnificent caves and fortified castles, hiking trails with spectacular views, magnificent sea mazes and ancient shipwrecks suitable for diving, the fishing experience it provides, its fantastic beaches, and its sights, museums, and historical monuments with a long history dating back to the Paleolithic era.

Despite its popularity, Kalymnos has remained unchanged over time. The picturesque settlements are lovingly preserved while also respecting its customs and traditions, which date back to antiquity and are derived from religious tradition. It is a densely populated island with a mild climate, a variety of activities, and a basic nightlife by the sea. It has its own hospital, which offers a wide range of medical specialties, enhancing the safety of its residents and visitors.

There are various hotels on the island with very reasonable pricing and taverns to enrich your taste knowledge with local cuisines and delicious delights for an enjoyable trip. The months of May-June-July, are ideal for visiting the island as well as the Easter holiday, for a memorable experience with fireworks and the traditional dish “mououri.” The greatest months for climbers are April-May and September-October, when the Climbing Festival takes place at the October with a high number of participants each year. The island is only accessible by boat or plane.

This is Kalymnos, a fascinating alternative destination that awaits you to find all its hidden secrets, of which there are many, and to provide you with a magical holiday that you can’t fathom right now!